We include "Wind Load" on all of our Garage Doors.  It is $100 value, and when comparing prices make sure this is something you factor into the cost of your new garage door.  Ask your new garage door contractor about "wind load", depending on the city you live in this is most likely a requirement to get a permit for your new garage door.  For more information on why this is important, read this article on "What You Should Know About A Garage Door's Wind Resistance.  

Excerpt here from Garaga.com:  "The Importance of Garage Door Wind Load

According to Jack Stumpff, president of Secure Enterprises, nearly 80 percent of monetary damage during hurricanes can be attributed to garage doors. He claims, “If the garage door fails, the roof is likely to be damaged and then the damage to the home is severe.”   Without the proper garage door wind resistance measures in place, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on home repairs.

In addition to protecting your home, having a structure that can handle the proper garage door wind load will save you money on insurance premiums. You could save up to 30 percent just by securing your garage door wind resistance. With those kinds of savings, why not take the necessary steps today and give yourself peace of mind?"

Wind Load

Color Options

510 & 511 Series - White is in stock.  Almond and Sandstone are special order (allow three weeks for delivery).   No charge for color options.

3610 Series - White is in stock.  Almond, Desert Tan, Sandstone, Brown and Black are special order (allow three weeks for delivery).  No charge for color options.

3630 Series - White is in stock.  No charge for White, Almond, Desert Tan, Sandstone and Brown.  There is an additional $100 charge for Walnut or Oak finishes.  All colors besides white are special order, allow three weeks for delivery.​​

Straps (4) $33 (Side of Door Deco Hardware)

 Handles (2) $24 (Middle of Door Deco Hardware)

New Garage Door Pricing

Affordable Garage Door Repair

Hardware Options for 3630 Series-Carriage Doors

Cost for New Carriage Garage Door
New Garage Door With Windows in Rogers, MN

New Garage Door Pricing for plain steel door (without windows)-

Price Includes; New Garage Door, New Garage Door Tracks, Cables, Rollers, Springs and Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Hardware.  Price Includes installation of New Garage Door (labor).  Price includes tear down and disposal of old garage door. Price also includes **wind load** which is a $100 value.